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My name is Igor, but on the air I use the "HAM's handle" - Harry.

I was born in 1963, and interested with radio since childhood. My father liked making different technical things, and he has made his first radio-receiver right after WWII (he was a young boy that time). I think, it gave me an interest to radio. The first time when I took a soldering iron in my hands was in 1968. My father has not been an amateur radio operator, but I like HAM-radio very much.

Now my callsign is EU1EU, but I had also the following calls: UC2ABO, EV5M, EU930EU, LY/UC2ABO, UC2WAO, EW2WAO, EZ2WAA, and SWL-call UC2-006-25.

I have got my first amateur radio license in 1978, as EZ2WAA. But I spend most of my time learning (at school, institute, courses etc.), so I was not very active with my personal calls. I was active on the air from different club stations in 1978-90. There were UK2WBB, UK2WBD (UC1WWD), UK2ABC (UC1AWC, EW1WC, EW2C), UK2AAL (UC1AWL), UK2ABN (UC1AWN, EW1WN), UP1WBB (LY2WW), UP1BYL. My HAM-radio activity emphasized on contesting and DX-chasing.

In 1979-1987, on summer, I liked to take part in the VHF Field Days. We took two or tree transceivers and went to hills. It's the best way to rest for me! If you ever took part in Field Day (VHF or HF), you can understand me. I pressed the keyer and "wrote in the air" the following calls: RC2WBR, RC2WCN, RC2WCD, RC2WCG, UK2WWB, UK2WBD, UC2WAF, UC2WAO. It was the interesting time. I have many photographs and nice remembrance of that time.

In 1980-1985 I was active from "Argonauts"- the radioclub of Minsk Radioengineering Institute, callsigns of which - UK2ABC, UK2AAL, UC1AWL, UC1AWC, EW1WC, EW2C - are well known. Me and my teammates were students and had many ideas and strength of mind. Now I am a chairman of this club.

In 1981 we created the radioclub on the Minsk Tractor Plant - UK2ABN, now EW1WN, and I still happen to operate this station.

In 1985-1990 I was active from the "BBB" club (Lithuania). The abbreviation of "BBB" comes from the old callsign UK2BBB. We used the following calls - UP1BWW, UP1BYL, EU2P, LY2WW. We achieved good results and gave points for LCG-club (Lithuanian Contest Group). I am glad that I had an opportunity to take part in contests together with the best HAMs of Lithuania - Willy UP2PX (LY2PX), Anatoly UP2BAS, Peter UP2BBB, Fred UP2PAX, Valdas UP0BA (LY1BA), Gintaras UP2BKW (LY2BKW), Gintaras (SWL-call), Remi UP3MW (LY2MW), Dainius (LY1DS), Arunas UP2BIJ (LY2IJ), Sakalas UP2BAO, UP2BO and others guys. The "BBB" club had a powerful team and longstanding traditions. The club had many trophies and won many contests. The "BBB" club gave me a tremendous practical experience in HAM radio. I will remember that time forever.

After 1990, I have got a HAM license in Belarus again, as UC2ABO. I had only 60-140 watts, but was active in contests in 1990-95. At that time I carried out experiments with QRP and on low frequency bands.

I am a member the following clubs: DIG #5021, AGCW-DL #2659, G-QRP-C #10194, AGB #1, KDR #11, ALFAMIRA #418, UCWC.

Now my callsign is EU1EU, and it sometimes happens that I am active on the air. Sorry, but the main problem is a lack of time to spare to my hobby. I still like making pile-ups in contests, and talk with friends about award news.

I am Manager of AGB (Activity Group of Belarus), and I pay much attention to it. I receive many letters with questions and also many ideas about the Group. You can read about AGB (Award and Contest programs, Rating of DX-ing and Awards and other information) in AGB part of my Home Pages.

I like to make amazing things (with metal, wood, paper). I hope than my turn for creation will be passed to my sons.

I am married, and have two good sons. The first son is Artiom (he made his first QSO when he was 3 years old), and Sviatoslav (he is very small, but likes to roll transceiver's knobs and makes any pictures in PC).

My wife Svetlana is a musician, she plays piano and dulcimer, and does it very well.

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