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Castles and Palaces
of Belarus

"Castles and Palaces of Belarus Program = CPBA"

"Subprogram Castles and Palaces of Belarus = CPBA-CA"

Awards are issued to all amateur stations (SWL) which contacted (QSO/HRD) the towns of Belarus in which are ancient castles. Part of these Castles are restored, part in the stages of the reconstruction some in very destroyed look.
On today's in the list about 30 Castles. Earlier, about 300-400 years ago, in Belarus there were more than 300 castles. But the Certain historical moments of history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL), and the XV-XX our history, brought in a result to that castles remained very much and very little.

Awards have the style design, presented on this page. It is stylization on the ancient manuscript.

The awards of CPBA-CA program = Castles Program - CPBA-CA Awards have the following classes:

CPBA-CA-05 - for work with 5 towns where there are castles;
CPBA-CA-10 - for work with 10 towns where there are castles;
CPBA-CA-15 - for work with 15 towns where there are castles;
CPBA-CA-20 - for work with 20 towns where there are castles;
CPBA-CA-25 - for work with 25 towns where there are castles;

See yours Logs, You can use your QSO from your old callsigns too. Below the list of the towns to which is is provided or there were until recently Castles. These stylish Awards will decorate your collection of Awards and will draw attention of your Friends and Kinsfolk.

Now there is a work for CPBA - Castles and Palaces of Belarus.
This development assumes some subprogrammes in the CPBA Program.
We will periodically add Points of CPBA Subprogrammes, with design of awards and rules of their receiving.

Subprogram CPBA - Castles and Palaces of Belarus = Castles Program - CPBA-CA
There are Subprogram of Castles of Belarus. Castles only.

Castles Program - CPBA-CA Awards

List of towns (by area of Belarus) for awards CPBA-CA = Castles Program - CPBA-CA Awards:

=Area 1 in callsign, Minsk-city =
Piscalovskij castle CPBA-CA-01

=Area 2 in callsign, Minsk oblast =
Borisov castle CPBA-CA-02
Zaslavl castle CPBA-CA-03
Kamenskij castle (Volozin area) CPBA-CA-04
Kojdanov castle (Dzerzinsk area) CPBA-CA-05
Nesviz castle CPBA-CA-06
Smilovici castle CPBA-CA-07
castle of Miadel lake CPBA-CA-27

=Area 3 in callsign, Brest oblast =
Belavezskij castle (Belaja Veza) CPBA-CA-08
Kameneckaja Tower (Kamenec area) CPBA-CA-09
Kosovo castle (Ivacevici area) CPBA-CA-10
Ruzanskij castle (Pruzany area) CPBA-CA-11

=Area 4 in callsign, Grodno oblast =
Geraneny castle (Ivje area) CPBA-CA-12
Holshany castle CPBA-CA-13
Grodno castle old CPBA-CA-14
Grodno castle new CPBA-CA-15
Krevo castle (Smorgon area) CPBA-CA-16
Lida castle CPBA-CA-17
Lubca castle (Novogrudok area) CPBA-CA-18
Mir castle (Karelici area) CPBA-CA-19
Novogrudok castle CPBA-CA-20

=Area 6 in callsign, Vitebsk oblast =
Smoliany castle (Belyj Kovel, Orsha area) CPBA-CA-21
Vitebsk castle CPBA-CA-22
Polotsk castle Verhnij CPBA-CA-23
Polotsk castle Niznij CPBA-CA-29
Braslav castle CPBA-CA-28

=Area 7 in callsign, Mogilev oblast =
Bobrujsk fortress CPBA-CA-24
Byhov castle CPBA-CA-25

=Area 8 in callsign, Gomel oblast =
Mozyr castle CPBA-CA-26
Telman castle (Bragin area) CPBA-CA-30

All Rules for AGB AWARDS

All amateurs radio can have AGB awards (and SWLs also). Your application (or GCR-list - (General Certification Rule)) with confirming of two amateurs radio and fee (10 US$ / 8 EURO) send to AGB Award Application manager
Remigijus Vaicius, LY8O (ex LY2MW), P.O.Box 1029, Vilnius 2000, LITHUANIA

Jaroslav Rossler, OK1BZ, ul.Vetrna 2716/8, CZ 40011, Usti-nad-Labem, Czech Republic

Special for Russia => Valery Sorokin, RA3LZ, 10, Viazma 215110, Smolensk Region, Russia

You also can receive AGB awards in alternative version. This in electronic form in the PDF format. For this purpose you should issue the application in the GCR format to send to AGB manager. After confirmation of your application you must to make transaction by PayPal - 3 usd for each award. Obtaining alternative awards possibly only via email and transactions only by PayPAl.
If you have any questions - send email for Igor EU1EU-OK8EU ( or )

You can Pay by WebMoney

money order in USD to Z337208268992
money order in EUR to E287053310064
money order in RUB to R999686136671
money order in USD to Z201789360744
with comments "for NAME-AWARD-award from YOUR-CALL"

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Send email or Click by ICQ for me (EU1EU) and we correct Your ADDRESS for forward Your Award by post.
ICQ 47572827
President of AGB: EU1EU Igor "HARRY" Getmann
Add: P.O.Box 143, Minsk-5, 220005, Rep. of Belarus

CAUNTION!!! DON'T SEND any application and fee inside letter to BELARUS !!! The parcel post of BELARUS perlustrate and open all letters - YOUR application and fee spill over in parcel post pockets ....

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